Testimonials - Laura S. Phieffer, MD

"Dr. Phieffer is so sincere and that is what I love about her. She is such a blessing!" -AR
"Dr. Phieffer, I just wanted to thank you personally for all you’ve done for my skin this past year. You were the first doctor to even consider putting me on Accutane, and here it is 8 months later and my face is still outbreak-free. I had struggled with it for so many years and had been dismissed by so many doctors that I thought I would just have to accept having acne for the rest of my life. I feel so much better about myself now and am so much happier overall since becoming your patient last year. Thank you for your amazing work (the Botox & Juvederm look GREAT!!) and for really listening to me. I appreciate it so much! See you soon. Best" -AK
"I would have saved a lot of money if I just came here first." -AW
"Dr. Phieffer, I came to see you about a problem I had for months…it was driving me and my whole family crazy…You diagnosed my condition right away and prescribed a treatment regimen. I was better in no time…I was very impressed with you and your whole office." -CSW
"Dr. Phieffer, I just need to tell you how impressed I was with my whole experience at your office…beautiful office…friendly staff…helpful assistants…punctual…you know your stuff…I was better in two days…I’ll be back…and love all the products you recommended…I sing your praises." -IEL
"Dr. Phieffer is the greatest…She is the best doctor I have ever been to." -BA
"Dr. Phieffer, Thank you so much for removing that skin cancer from my forehead. It looks terrific. You cannot even see where all the stitches were. There is no scar. More importantly, I am so grateful you found that skin cancer. You have a great eye. Many many thanks." -SC
"Dr. Phieffer, I came here and you immediately fixed me!" -CG
"Everyone knows Dr. Phieffer does great lips." -AL
"I moved to the west coast for over a year. I needed to see a dermatologist, but I only wanted to see Dr. Phieffer, so I waited until I moved back to Richmond." -WVR
"Dr. Phieffer, you are a miracle worker. I am keeping you as my dermatologist!" -BH
"Dr. Phieffer, I want to express my appreciation. Of course, you probably saved my life several years ago, but on a much lesser level the biopsy you recently did on my lip for a black spot actually had the side effect of improving my appearance, which is something I needed! Thank you for your exceptional skill level. See you again next year. Regards.”-TM "I love this office…it is great and so efficient." -EP
"Dr. Phieffer, I love the Botox around my mouth that you did. I love putting my lipstick on in the morning now. Next time I come in for Botox, I am going to get it done all over my face. I am so excited." -TYL
"Dr. Phieffer, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for your care of my mother. She is a cancer survivor, but I would not want her to have to deal with any cancer every again. I appreciate you more than you know." -KC
"I have sent at least 10 patients to Dr. Phieffer." -HD
"Dr. Phieffer, I just wanted to say thank you. I love my Botox & Juvederm. My husband says I look 10 years younger! You were so gentle – I was very relaxed. I’m hooked! I’ll be back!" -KA
"Dr. Phieffer is amazing. It is always well worth the drive coming here." -ML
"Dr. Phieffer, thank you for my flawless skin. My face is clear. I love the face brush I purchased at your office. It has made all the difference in the world. My skin is as smooth as silk, my pores have shrunk, and no more acne! Now I can say that I am proud of my skin and it looks fabulous. Thanks to you." -GG
"I am very impressed with Dr. Phieffer…she is brilliant…" -JM
"My whole family, including my wife and two daughters, all see Dr. Phieffer. We love her. She does a great job. We recommend her to anyone any chance we get. She is terrific and so is her staff." -EM
"Dr. Phieffer has laser eyes. She walked into the room and spotted my skin cancer from 7 feet away." -LS
"Dr. Phieffer, I want to say thank you so much for my clear skin. I came to you with uneven skin tone and you put me on a regimen to even my skin tone. Now I get so many compliments on how clear my skin is. I use my face brush you recommended every day and I just love my products; all of them are awesome and I cannot go a day without. I am queen of these products. Again, I just want to thank you for my flawless skin." -DH
"Dr. Phieffer is so professional and her priority is getting her patients better…it is always a relief to see her." -CE

Testimonials – Christopher R. Gorman, MD

"I would like to thank Dr. Gorman and all of the staff for helping me understand my skin issues. I have found a great new doctor and was very impressed with his office." -KL
"I cannot say I have ever had many doctors in my 66 years who have been as caring as Dr. Gorman." -NH
"There are no words to express how blessed we are to have been sent to Dr. Gorman. We are so thankful to you. All our other doctors give kudos to Dr. Gorman for having the insight that he did." -CA
"I appreciate Dr. Gorman’s attention to my care and his thoroughness. Thanks for taking the extra steps of care and service for which there is a dearth of today." -TW
"You guys are the best!" -NT
"Excellent experience. Competent and caring physician." -HG
"Dr. Gorman is terrific, the staff also. I called for an appointment & was able to get one quickly. The guy at the front desk was awesome and Dr. Gorman’s nurse was also." -DW
"Highly recommend this practice, and I will continue with them." -RS
"I have been going to Dr. Gorman for about 3 years now. I would not go anywhere else. This is a great team to deal with. Not only Dr. Gorman, but the nurses and the front desk are GREAT." -PN
"Efficient…radiates competence and empathy, no bureaucratic silliness." -APM
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